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Right in the centre of the bustling Santos-Cais do Sodré axis, Irriverente proposes a new approach to Italian cuisine. The difference is first noticeable in the ingredients, with the Portuguese products gaining a prominent place. In addition to the original flavours, we will also surprise you with an array of new shapes and colours.

The restaurant is located at number 88 of the Transboavista building, a cultural landmark of Lisbon (Plataforma Revólver and Galeria VPF), which in 1712 was the Palácio Marquês de Sampaio.


In Irriverente the dough of the Pizzas is made from a blend of flour 00, natural yeast and a secret ingredient. Beforehand, the dough goes through a process of pre-fermentation at controlled temperature.

The result is a thin, square-shaped crunchy dough.